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Congratulations to all of you newly engaged couples... You will see from my portfolio that I like to keep my style of work as natural and relaxed as possible. No awkward posing here! I like to capture the day as its happening, but I will be seen and heard when needed -  usually in the "photo-time!"

Cake Smash

Time to get messy! ...
What is a Cake Smash? 
People ask me...
A photography session to celebrate your child's birthday where they are dressed up in an outfit and given a cake to smash. It is a lot of fun and the children love getting messy...

Welcome to 
the World 

My newborn sessions are available to capture your new bundle of joy. The best time is from a couple of days, to 2 weeks old. The younger the better, as your baby will still be small and sleepy, allowing me to get those cute sleepy pictures for you.
If big brother or sister want to jump in on the photos then thats no problem at all, they are welcome...

Children and Family Portraits

Ok...stand up, sit together, lie on your tummies, jump up...Pile on! Tickle each other, JUMP! Who can do a star jump!?...wheres that squeeky pig gone?? - Just a few things I would say whilst photographing a family or child. I like the images to turn out as natural as possible and its all about the FUN...


"We are so pleased with our wedding pictures they are absolutely perfect, we can’t stop looking at them!! "

A little bit more about me . . .

Natalie Banner

So we can see that I am a photographer, but what about the real person behind the lens ...

Heres a FEW things about me that I LOVE! . . 

Travelling - I am lucky enough to have done a fair bit of travelling and I am a massive fan of Asia!
I got MARRIED in Croatia last year (2019)! - Now that was pretty exciting!
Family - Family is everything. 
Fun times with my AMAZING friends - Yes I am human and I do enjoy a good night out with the girls!
My three furr babies Gili,Bali and Rosa - Gili is a Bengal, Bali is a Norwegian Forest Cat and Rosa is a Ragdoll!
Animals in general - Favourite animal is a Lion! I was lucky enough to see these in their natural habitat in Kruger Park this year!
Tea - A cup of Tea makes everything better 
Chocolate - Who doesn’t love chocolate ?
Cooking - Sometimes I think I am a female version of Joe Wicks!! I love food and really enjoy putting my own spin on a recipe 
Laughing - I have a daft sense of humour so I pretty much laugh at anything! 


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Or call me on 07981 053 171

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